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Health promotion and prevention

Chronic care

  • Foot Health in the Upper Hume Catchment: A review of the system for foot care

    Implementing the Ovens Murray and Goulburn Chronic Care Strategy in Ovens Murray

  • Moran, Anna; Chapman, Glenda; Picard, Ron; Chapman, Janet; Squire, Sally; Threlkeld, Guinever; and Blackberry, Irene (2020) “Consumer experiences of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in regional Australia: A mixed methods study and logic model to identify consumer-experience mechanisms to avoid hospital and enhance outcomes,” Patient Experience Journal: Vol. 7: Iss. 3 , Article 12. DOI: 10.35680/2372-0247.1421
  • Ovens Murray Chronic Care Steering Committee—The steering committee has been looking at demand management through a systems change approach, and has reviewed a variety of frameworks and approaches relating to this.
    • Dr Kathleen Brasher’s presentation, ‘Reviewing Demand Management through the lens of the 4Ms framework’, looks at the 4Ms Framework, and how it influences Demand Management at a systems level. To view a recording of this 13-minute presentation, click here (MP4 file).
    • To view Brydie Donnelly’s presentation, ‘Setting the scenea systems approach to demand management’, click here (MP4 file).

Age-friendly resources

Keep cool this summer
Keep cool this summer
  • Keep cool this summer (2022)—Age-friendly North East Victoria and UHPCP have produced several information sheets that explain what is heat stress, how to treat it and tips to avoid it. Details are provided on who is at risk, causes of heat stress and heat-related illness, symptoms and treatment of heat-related illness, preventing heat-related illness, and advice for carers, family members and neighbours. The information sheets are available in several formats:

Please visit our Age-friendly communities and initiatives page for additional age-friendly resources.

A Conversation Hour

In 2020 UHPCP held weekly online discussions that brought together people from across the Ovens Murray and beyond to explore ideas that matter. Hosted by Dr Kathleen Brasher, each discussion featured guest speakers and invited input from participants. The series ran from late April until the end of August 2020, spanning 18 sessions. Visit our ‘A Conversation Hour’ webpage to access the audio recordings of most of the sessions, along with details of resources mentioned in each session. 

Other resources

Bushfire recovery resources

Create a plan for COVID-19 for you or someone you are caring for
Create a plan for COVID-19
  • weVolunteerIf your organisation is involved in community recovery, weVolunteer can help connect you with the support you need. It is free for volunteers and organisations to register. Register now!
    • Launched last year, weVolunteer is a Volunteering Victoria initiative designed to help build community resilience and aid social recovery through volunteering. Funded by the Victorian Government and in partnership with MyPass, the program connects local community organisations with credentialed volunteers across Victoria to support community recovery in times of need.
    • See this explainer video for an overview of weVolunteer and how it works.

Developed by Youth Affairs Council Victoria, Bushfire Recovery Victoria and the Department of Education and Training, this suite of resources provides a youth voice and perspective to government, recovery organisations, business and community in relation to disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

  • Community organisations in action: Driving bushfire recovery at the local levelThe Victorian Council of Social Service has been engaging with community organisations and individuals in those areas of Victoria affected by the 201920 bushfires. They have gathered a range of recovery initiatives that highlight the central role of community organisations as champions of place-based, community-led bushfire recovery. Find out more about community organisations driving bushfire recovery at the local level in their case study series:

Community Engagement resources

  • Making Sense of Engagement and Participation (adapted International Association of Public Participation IAP2 Spectrum)—This diagram illustrates how the participation purpose determines the methods used to increase impact on a decision.
  • Appreciative Inquiry—This adapted diagram shows how Appreciative Inquiry can be used to build relationships for change.

    Adapted IAP2 diagram

  • Community Engagement: A guide to community engagement in rural and regional VictoriaRural Councils Victoria (RCV) has produced a community engagement and consultation tool designed for use in rural and regional communities. Published in August 2020, this Community Engagement Toolkit has been developed to support rural councils as they adapt to changes initiated in the Local Government Act 2020. You can access the Community Engagement Toolkit for free on the RCV website.

Dementia information and support

Elder abuse online training program

Health and allied health workers are encouraged to access the ‘Abuse of the older person’ self-paced online training program created by the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN). This initiative was launched on 7 July 2021you can view a news story by Aged Care Guide here. To access the training, visit OPAN’s free online Knowledge Hubenter ‘Abuse of the older person’ into the search field. Any questions about the course can be directed to education@opan.com.au. Please share with health and allied health peers, colleagues and networks. 

Gender equality resources

  • Victoria took another important step towards gender equality on 31 March 2021: the landmark Gender Equality Act 2020 came into effect. It commits public sector organisations to meaningful progress on gender equality, closing the gender pay gap and tackling sexual harassment. The community will also see changes to policies, programs and services so they better meet the needs of all Victorians. For more information, visit the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector.

  • Women’s Health Goulburn North East presented the ‘Getting Ready for the Gender Equality Act’ webinar and Q&A session on 16 February 2021—you can access the one-hour recording here.
  • Take a look at the state of gender equity in your local government area by viewing Women’s Health Goulburn North East’Gendered Data and Planning Resource and tailored Local Government Area Snapshots.

Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) webinars

The OPAN has recorded a range of webinars:

Navigating aged care can be tricky. People are often unaware of how to begin their journey when entering aged care, and finding information on how to change/update services is not always easy.

The OPAN hosted a series of webinars to give older people a practical introduction on how to enter aged care, including how to contact My Aged Care, arrange an assessment and choose services appropriate to their living situation.

Watch the recorded webinars:

  • Webinar 1: Planning your aged care journey
  • Webinar 2: Introduction to ‘My Aged Care’: the Australian Government’s starting point on your aged care journey
  • Webinar 3: Getting your needs assessed for aged care services
  • Webinar 4: Aged care support and service options
  • Webinar 5: Begin your aged care services
  • Webinar 6: Reassessing your service and support requirements and accessing advocacy

Download the My Aged Care Journey Road Map.

Ovens Murray – Family Violence Partnership

Please visit our Ovens Murray – Family Violence Partnership page. Here you can access the OM–FVP Strategic Plan 2020–2023.

Women and disaster resources