Any organisation collaboratively providing primary health care and/or community care/support services within the UHPCP catchment, regardless of the State in which the service has its base, is eligible for ordinary membership.

There will be no joining fee for an organisation to become a member of UHPCP.

UHPCP Partners are required to:

  • be a legal entity, or be an individual representing a recognised consumer or carer group
  • provide primary health care or community care/support services within the catchment, or be a consumer of such services
  • be represented on collaborative activities developed in partnership with UHPCP, including participating on working groups and sub-committees.

Partnership is voluntary and any partner may, after providing written notice, withdraw from the partnership. The written notice, addressed to the UHPCP Chairperson, will specify the date on which the party’s withdrawal will be effective.

Members will not identify the PCP as a justification for, or supporter of, any funding application or other submission without requesting and receiving approval for this from the UHPCP Executive Officer.

You can download the information and application form here.