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Older people are a considerable resource for families and their communities, and bring economic benefits to rural and regional communities.

Age-Friendly North East Victoria (AFNEV) brings together individuals, communities and organisations to raise awareness of population ageing and generate will to improve the experience of ageing. This helps create an environment where everyone can pursue what is important to them across all stages of life.

See below for information about the AFNEV Alliance, upcoming events and how to get involved. You can also find a range of resources to assist in creating an age-friendly community.

What is Age-friendly North East Victoria and the Alliance?

Age-friendly communities seek to improve the experience of ageing and enable all community members to do what they value at every stage of their life.

Decisions about housing, transport, infrastructure (e.g. open space and footpaths), social services and health, along with the attitudes and stereotypes about older people and what it means to age can profoundly affect the experience of ageing. However, making these decisions without ageing in mind or without the input of older people risks negatively impacting the health and wellbeing of older people and the community. It also limits the value of the contributions older people can and do make to their communities.

Age-friendly North East Victoria utilises the World Health Organisation’s Global Age-friendly Cities Framework and seeks to raise raise awareness of population ageing and generate individual, organisational and community will to improve the experience of ageing in our region. See below for our current priorities.

Age-friendly North East Victoria Alliance

The work of Age-friendly North East Victoria is underpinned by the Age-friendly North East Victoria Alliance, which brings together individual and organisational members from across community, government, academia, civil society and private business.

The Alliance is the platform that shapes the work of Age-friendly North East Victoria and supports action across the region.

Where we work

Age-friendly North East Victoria works with communities across:

  • Alpine Shire
  • Benalla Rural City
  • Indigo Shire
  • Mansfield Shire
  • Towong Shire
  • Rural City of Wangaratta
  • City of Wodonga.

Priorities and Action

Over the next 12 months, Age-friendly North East Victoria will focus on:

  • social isolation and participation
  • transport
  • housing.

Keep an eye out for more detailed action plans as they are released.

Latest News

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Earlier in 2022, Age-friendly North East Victoria presented Reconnection, a series of conversations and practice events bringing community, services and governments together. If you missed an event, check out our event recordings on the Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership YouTube channel.

Get involved

Get involved in Age-friendly North East Victoria by becoming a member of the Age-friendly North East Victoria Alliance.

Membership is open to both individuals and organisations. Membership is free and provides opportunities to shape the work of Age-friendly North East Victoria and be involved in its governance structures as opportunities arise.

Get in touch with James Dunne, Senior Officer—Age-friendly North East Victoria, for more details.  James can be contact at or on 0427 659 721


Age-friendly North East Victoria has a range of resources to support age-friendly communities. See below for information sheets, toolkits, guides, reports, event recordings and academic articles.

Information Sheets, Toolkits and Guides

Keep Cool this Summer (2022)

These information sheets explain what is heat stress, how to treat it and tips to avoid it. Details are provided on who is at risk, causes of heat stress and heat-related illness, symptoms and treatment of heat-related illness, preventing heat-related illness, and advice for carers, family members and neighbours. The information sheets are available in full length and summary versions:

Create a plan for COVID-19 for you or someone you are caring for (2021)

This information sheet offers some guidance to help you create a plan if you or someone you live with gets COVID-19.

Understanding your community: An age-friendly checklist (2020)

This age-friendly checklist is a way for communities to come together to see themselves from the perspective of older people. It provides an opportunity to identify and understand what’s working well, and areas that could be improved to become more age friendly.

An Age-Friendly Approach to Disaster Recovery (2020)

Drawing on national and international research and policy to describe the strengths and vulnerabilities older people bring to their communities in disaster recovery, this report proposes actions that can be incorporated into recovery plans and actions—with the potential for these actions to mitigate the negative individual health and wellbeing impacts and deepen community resilience.

Is your health service age-friendly? A guide to assess the age-friendliness of a health service (2020)

This guide was developed to help health service boards, clinicians, executive teams, staff and community members assess, plan and contribute to the establishment of an age-friendly health service. The guide is designed to be used by a team of clinicians, non-clinical staff, and older people in a health service setting, whether an acute hospital, sub-acute, residential aged care, primary health, or a community health service.


Building an Age-Friendly Indigo Health System (2020)

The Indigo Consortium focuses on two areas: providing collective governance for health and wellbeing initiatives within the Indigo Shire (in north-east Victoria), and identifying and supporting enterprises that contribute to an ‘Age Friendly Indigo’. In collaboration with its partner agencies, the Indigo Consortium has developed an approach to make health and social care age-friendly. This report documents that journey.

Liveability with an Age-Friendly Lens in rural Victoria: Linking Liveability Indicators and Age Friendly principles across the Shires of Indigo and Towong (2017)

This report describes a rural case study example that was developed to explore the linkage between liveability domains and Age Friendly Rural Communities in the rural Shires of Indigo and Towong in north-eastern Victoria. The project was developed in response to the needs of the Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership (UHPCP) and in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Eastern Division and Northeast Health Wangaratta.

Event Recordings

Physically distant, socially connected (September 2021)

To celebrate International Day of Older Persons 2021, Age-friendly North East Victoria and UHPCP hosted an online conversation, ‘Physically distant, socially connected: Navigating real-world and online social connection’, on 30 September 2021. Facilitated by Dr Kathleen Brasher, the event was a great success with more than 60 people participating on the day from across Victoria. You can also view a recording of the event on our YouTube Channel.

Disaster Recovery Conversation series: Older people and disasters (March 2021)

Dr Kathleen Brasher took part in this Victorian Council of Social Service’s (VCOSS) webinar, speaking on the critical role older people play in disasters based on the international evidence review published in 2020.

Launch of ‘Understanding Your Community: An Age-friendly Check List’ (December 2020)

The ‘Understanding Your Community’ guide was launched on 4 December 2020 by Dr Alana Hulme from the DHHS, Ovens Murray. Kate Biglin (Manager, Community Development, Indigo Shire) facilitated the launch, Dr Kathleen Brasher provided background to the checklist, and reflections were made by local government representatives from Benalla Rural City, Indigo Shire Council and Mansfield Shire Council, all of whom contributed to the development of the checklist.

Launch of ‘An Age-friendly Approach to Disaster Recovery’ (April 2020)

‘An Age-friendly Approach to Disaster Recovery’ was launched on 22 April 2020 by Dr Helen Haines MP, Member for Indi, who stated in her address that ‘this report is timely, it couldn’t be more timely… this report is steeped in society, it’s person centric, it’s place based and it’s values driven’.


How Can the Lived Environment Support Healthy Ageing? A Spatial Indicators Framework for the Assessment of Age-Friendly Communities. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2020; 17(20):7685.

Aged care isn’t working, but we can create neighbourhoods to support healthy ageing in place. The Conversation

Stay in touch

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For more details on Age-friendly North East Victoria and the work of the Alliance, contact:

Dr Kathleen Brasher
Manager, Age-friendly North East Victoria
0438 751 591

James Dunne
Senior Officer, Age-friendly North East Victoria
0427 659 721