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Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership undertakes projects to promote prevention and system integration, including:

The COPD Project

This project aims to identify a catchment wide system for the prevention, early intervention and treatment of chronic disease which will maximise opportunities for consumers to remain as long and as often as possible in their own communities.

Footcare Pathway in the Upper Hume Catchment – UHPCP Chronic Care Working Group

The Upper Hume Chronic Care Working Group is facilitated by the Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership’s (UH PCP) ‘Access and Equity Coordinator’. The strategic purpose of this group is ‘To facilitate and support, at the local level, the development of initiatives that address actions for Chronic Care system improvements as outlined in the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions (2017) and the Hume Region Chronic Care Strategy 2012-2022” (UH Integrated Chronic Care Working Group Terms of Reference, 2017).’

This group has membership which includes a Primary Health management representative from each of the following:

  • Albury Wodonga Health (AWH)
  • Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service (AWAHS)
  • Albury Wodonga Diabetes Support Group (2x consumer representatives)
  • Gateway Health
  • Beechworth Health
  • Indigo North Health
  • Tallangatta Health
  • Corryong Health
  • Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation (MAC)

This group provides an opportunity to identify system challenges for chronic care, and develop and implement collaborative responses to these challenges.

The membership allows for all publicly funded health services in the UH catchment to contribute to discussion, and priority setting for collaborative work.

To read the report, click here

The WALAC (Wellness and Life After Cancer) initiative

This was established to enable cancer survivors to access supportive care in their own communities following cancer treatment. This utilises a program developed by the Cancer Council Victoria, and delivered locally by local services and staff.

Members include:

  • Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service
  • Cancer Council Victoria
  • Indigo North Health
  • Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service
  • Tallangatta Health Service
  • Corryong Health Service
  • Gateway Health.

Improving access through multilingual healthcare

The Improving Access Through Multilingual Healthcare project is a joint initiative of Albury-Wodonga Ethnic Communities Council (AWECC) and the Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership (UHPCP). The project aims to help improve access and quality of health care for residents from refugee and migrant backgrounds in the local government areas of Albury, Wodonga, Indigo and Towong.

People from migrant and refugee backgrounds can be at an increased risk of ill-health due to such factors as lower health literacy, language barriers and difficulty navigating the healthcare system. This project will identify the multi-language competencies of local general practitioners (GPs), and will create and maintain a register of multilingual GP’s servicing the Albury-Wodonga, Indigo and Towong areas. The project may in future expand its scope into other fields of healthcare and specialisation, such as allied health. For more information about this project, please contact (02) 6024 6895 or email contact@awecc.org.au

Improving Access Through Multilingual Healthcare is funded through the Ovens & Murray Multicultural Regional Area Partnership program by the Victoria Government’s Multicultural Affairs and Social Cohesion division.



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