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Age-friendly resources Adapted IAP2 diagram

Please visit our Age-friendly communities and initiatives page.

Community Engagement resources

  • Making Sense of Engagement and Participation (adapted International Association of Public Participation IAP2 Spectrum)—This diagram illustrates how the participation purpose determines the methods used to increase impact on a decision. 
  • Appreciative Inquiry—This adapted diagram shows how Appreciative Inquiry can be used to build relationships for change. 
  • Community Engagement: A guide to community engagement in rural and regional VictoriaRural Councils Victoria (RCV) has produced a community engagement and consultation tool designed for use in rural and regional communities. Published in August 2020, this Community Engagement Toolkit has been developed to support rural councils as they adapt to changes initiated in the Local Government Act 2020. You can access the Community Engagement Toolkit for free on the RCV website.

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